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Suggestions, complaints and appeals

Suggestions, appeals and complaints

Anyone has the right to present suggestions, appeals and complaints related to the operation of the AQUIB, the treatment or service received, or any other issue that might appear. The form of presentation can be:

  1. A paper document without any specific format, or using the template available (see below). These documents can be presented at the agency's premises, by post or by email.
  2. By phone
  3. Verbally at the Agency's premises.

The identification of the person making the complaint or suggestion will not be necessary. However, if you wish to receive a personalized response, you must fill in the optional data on the form.

Access to the suggestions, appeals and complaints on-line form

Generic application form (available in Spanish and Catalan)


An evaluated person, legally unable or unwilling to file an administrative appeal, addresses the Agency expressing his or her disagreement with the performance of evaluators or with the development of an evaluation process. The appeal will be forwarded to the AQUIB's Guarantees Commission, which will study it and issue a report. Subsequently, the Director of the Agency will answer the appeal within a maximum period of 1 month from its presentation.

As stated in the complaints, appeals and suggestions procedure, anyone can file an appeal.


Reasons for complaints are delays, negligences or any other anomalies in the daily operation of the Agency or its staff.

As stated in the complaints, appeals and suggestions procedure, anyone can file a complaint.

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