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AQUIB, as an external agency for the quality of higher education in the Balearic Islands, carries out the evaluation work for the renewal of the accreditation of the official study programmes of the University in the Balearic Islands. This process must be done before 6 years in the degrees of 240 ECTS, masters and PhDs, and before 8 years in the degrees of 300 or 360 credits.

The accreditation renewal process aims to verify compliance with the commitments made in the verification report and evaluate the results of the study programme, guaranteeing its quality and recommending, or not, the continuation of the study programme. These results will focus, among other aspects, on the verification of the acquisition of competencies by students, academic staff, the material resources and services that support the development of the title and in the analysis of the evolution of this results.

This process is organized in several phases:

Self-assessment: the university describes and assesses the situation of the title with respect to the established criteria and guidelines. The result is the Self-Assessment Report.

External visit: a group of external evaluators (panel of experts), appointed by AQUIB, analyzes the Self-Assessment Report and visits the center/s where the degree is taught in order to compare the information collected and issue a reasoned assessment regarding to the elements contemplated in the evaluation model. The result of this phase is the Site Visit Report.

Evaluation by the Comission of Study Programmes Evaluation: the AQUIB accreditation commissions will evaluate the Self-Assessment Report, the Visit Report and the rest of the information available and will issue the justified report proposal, which will be sent to the university so that they can submit claims within 20 business days. Once the claim period has elapsed, the accreditation commission will issue a Final accreditation report in terms favorable or unfavorable to the renewal of the accreditation, which it will send to the university, the Council of Universities, the Ministry of Education and the corresponding autonomous community or communities.

Once the report has been received, the Council of Universities will issue the corresponding resolution, no later than six months from the request of the University . Also, the Council of Universities will notify the University within 3 business days after having approved it, and will communicate it to the Ministry of Universities, the Autonomous Community or Autonomous Communities interested and the AQUIB.

All the texts linked are available in spanish.

The documentation is only available in Spanish. It will be translated to English soon.




External evaluation

The Commission of Study Programmes Evaluation (CET) is responsible for the processes of follow-up and accreditation renewal of official university study programmes.

Its operation is governed by the External Assessment Guide: Assessment by the Commission of Study Programmes Evaluation. The CET is divided into 2 subcommissions:

Subcommission of Arts and Humanities and Social and Legal Sciences


Trinidad Barrera López (Arts and Humanities).

Academic vocals (Arts and Humanities)

Olga Fernández Soriano

Tomás Antonio Mantecón Movellán

Academic vocals (Social and Legal Sciences)

Fuensanta Hernández Pina

Amalia Morales Villena

Andreu Olesti Rayo

Jordi Suriñach Caralt


María Jesús Blanco Sánchez (Universidad de Pablo de Olavide)

Quality vocal

Amparo Chirivella Ramón (Universitat de València)

Professional vocal

Miguel Albertí Amengual (Il·lustre Col·legi d'Advocats de les Illes Balears)


Juan Carlos García Reyes (AQUIB)

Subcommission of Sciences


Carmen Fenoll Comes (Sciences)

Academic vocals (Sciences)

Francesc Marques Truyol


Academic vocals (Health sciences)

María del Carmen Carda Batalla

José Miguel Fernández Dols

Academic vocals (Engineering and Architecture)

Maria José Escalona Cuaresma

Dolores C. Pérez Marín


José Carlos Pulido Pascual (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

Quality vocal

Santiago Roca Martín (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

Professional vocal

Agustí Vergés Aguiló (Col·legi Oficial de Químics de les Illes Balears)


Juan Carlos García Reyes (AQUIB).

The site visit to the university is carried out by a panel of experts, appointed according to technical criteria.

The panels for the period 2022-2023 are:



Study programme: PhD in Psychology (TPSI)

Site visit: 8th of June, 2023


  1. President: José Miguel Fernández Dols (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
  2. Academic member: Inmaculada Fuentes Durá (Universitat de Valencia)
  3. Student member: María José Lombarte Londres (Universidad Católica de Murcia)
  4. Secretary: Enrique Barón González (AQUIB)



Study programme: PhD in Philology and Philosophy (TFIF)

Site visit: 30th of may, 2023


  1. President: Trinidad Barrera López (Universidad de Sevilla)
  2. Academic member: Julia Urabayen Pérez (Universidad de Navarra)
  3. Student member: Ismael Salem Ould García (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
  4. Secretary: Carlos García Reyes (AQUIB)

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