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Collaborate with us

AQUIB's Experts Database aims to be a fundamental pillar of the different evaluation processes managed by the Agency, while supporting the improvement of these processes.

AQUIB has a large pool of experts with different profiles to carry out the evaluation processes of the different programs, both for its Committees and for its evaluation panels. It comprises wide range of profiles who, with their experience and knowledge, help to maintain and optimize the quality of the evaluation processes carried out by the Agency.

AQUIB selects external experts (from an academic, research and/or professional field, and also students) taking into account the Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) and principles for the selection of European experts which include criteria such as independence, integrity, objectivity and absence of conflict of interest.

As one of the most valuable stakeholders, students are represented in all the evaluation panels and Committees.

AQUIB permanently seeks to increase its experts database of different areas, with or without previous experience in evaluation, both national and international:

  • Academic staff with teaching, research and/or management experience.
  • Active students in the last years of their bachelor's, master's or doctoral degrees in all disciplines (or who have completed their studies in the last 2 academic years).
  • Professionals with an outstanding track record in the sector of the branch of knowledge being evaluated.

AQUIB pays for the work carried out by the collaborating people and is in charge of travel expenses if face-to-face meetings are required. The expert selection criteria and procedures are included in the document "AQUIB expert selection procedure"

AQUIB reviews all the applications submitted and assesses the compliance with the requirements indicated for the processes of evaluation of the quality of education and the evaluation of R+D+I, based on the ESG standards, for inclusion in the Evaluation Bank. This process remains open all year round.

Our commitment with quality and evaluation standards oblige us to share with our collaborators the acceptance of our Code of Ethics.

Teaching academic experts and/or researchers

  • University teachers and scientific researchers who have at least 2 five-year periods positively assessed and 2 six-year periods positively assessed, respectively, or national or international equivalents.
  • Not professionally related to the University and Research System of the Balearic Islands.
  • Knowledge of quality assurance processes and the R+D+I evaluation ecosystem will be an asset


  • Not currently studying or having completed studies within the University System of the Balearic Islands.
  • Knowledge of quality assurance processes will be an asset.

Experts in university quality

  • Not being professionally related to the University and Research System of the Balearic Islands.
  • Knowledge in the implementation of quality assurance systems in higher education.
  • Experience in monitoring evaluation or institutional accreditation will be an asset.

AQUIB seeks the continuous improvement of its processes and assignments, for which we require evaluators to collaborate for the following areas:

  • Renewal of accreditation and Follow-up of study programmes
  • R+D+I Evaluation
  • Teaching Accreditation

All those interested can send their application to the following email: info@aquib.es attaching our brief curriculum model (CV or student CV).

For any questions or queries you can contact us at the same email address: info@aquib.es.

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