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About us


The Balearic Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, AQUIB, is the official evaluation agency for higher education of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands. 

AQUIB's purpose is the evaluation, accreditation, and quality certification of the higher education system of the Balearic Islands in accordance with European and international academic and social quality standards.

The Balearic Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education was created, under the legal form of a consortium, by means of an Agreement of the Board of Directors on December 13, 2002, achieving the legislative recognition required by the LOU with the Law 2/2003, of March 20, of the Institutional Organization of the University System of the Balearic Islands.

The criteria on which the Agency bases all the activities it carries out are those of transparency, autonomy, independence and impartiality in the procedures, the assessment criteria and, especially, in the decisions that affect the processes evaluation, which are taken through the collaboration of experts from outside the university system of the Balearic Islands.

Likewise, since its creation, AQUIB has managed to provide its services from the point of view of Quality Management, using the UNE ISO 9001:2015 standard as a management tool. The agency passed the certification audit of its system in early 2007 and has passed subsequent follow-up and certificate renewal audits. In February 2022, the last external audit of AENOR (Asociación Española de Normalización y Certificación) was passed.

The Board of Directors expresses its absolute commitment to the quality of the activities, services and operation of the Balearic Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (AQUIB). The Agency is an entity at the service of society which offers an accessible agency, agile and efficient in the services it provides.


AQUIB proactively contributes to the improvement of the quality of the Space for Higher Education and Research in the Balearic Islands through evaluation, certification and accreditation in the field of teaching, research, management and knowledge transfer, acting in line with international quality standards.


AQUIB's vision is to become a referent of quality assurance in the Higher Education and Research Space for its contribution to the permanent improvement and development of society. In order to do so, becoming a full member of ENQA (European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education) and registration in EQAR (European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education) will enable the development and/or strengthening of synergies with other national and international institutions.

The achievement of this vision will be carried out based on the following values, which shall be inherent in the actions of all collaborating members of the Agency:

  1. Autonomy: respecting the autonomy of all the institutions with which it collaborates.
  2. Transparency: developing our activity clearly and providing information about its management.
  3. Independence: working to fulfill the mission, vision and objectives with full independence in their actions.
  4. Commitment to quality, innovation and excellence: fundamental pillars of our culture that promote continuous improvement in all its activities.
  5. Integrity: transmitting trust through the responsible actions of the organization and all its members.
  6. Orientation to stakeholders: with management focused on meeting their needs and expectations.
  7. Rigor: carrying out its activities based on accuracy and technical rigor.
  8. Management efficiency: achieving our goals by making correct use of our resources, ethically, economically and equitably.
  9. Social responsibility: assuming commitments to sustainable development and being aware of our impact on society.

The Board of Directors entrusts AQUIB's Management the evolution of the quality assurance system, based on the international standard ISO 9001, aligning the Agency's strategy with international standards and guidelines, promoting the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the system and compliance with legal or regulatory requirements and all commitments made by the organization. This commitment extends to all staff and professionals who act on behalf of AQUIB.

  • Board of directors

    The highest governing body of the Agency is the Board of Directors, with the equal participation of the Universitat de les Illes Balears, the Social Council of the UIB and the Department responsible for universities of the Government of the Balearic Islands (the Ministry of European Funds, University and Culture).

    Composition of the Board of Directors



    Members appointed by the University of the Balearic Islands

    PhD Antoni Bordoy Fernández

    PhD Maurici Mus Amézquita

    Members appointed by the Social Council of the UIB

    PhD Bartomeu Llinàs Ferrà

    PhD Joan Lloberas Cànaves

    Members appointed by the Government of the Balearic Islands, Ministry of Education and University

    PhD Antonio Luis Alcover Casasnovas

    Ms. Olga Uría Guerrero


    Ms. Paula Ramis de Ayreflor García-Gutiérrez

  • Advisory Commission

    Law 2/2003 of March 20, 2003, on the institutional organization of the university system of the Balearic Islands, establishes in its article 23 that a technical commission may be created to advise and supervise university quality. This commission was appointed on 19th December 2022 and it was officialy constituted on 6th March 2023.

    The Advisory Commission consists of:

    1. PhD Martí Casadesús Fa: professor of Business Organization at the University of Girona. President
    2. PhD Antoni Buades Capó: professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of the Balearic Islands.
    3. PhD Marta Fonolleda Riberaygua: director of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education of Andorra.
    4. Mrs. María Elena Montero Domínguez: student in Education at the Complutense University of Madrid.
    5. Mrs. Vanessa Prados Carrión: external quality management professional.
    6. PhD Nestor Torres Darias: professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of La Laguna.
    7. PhD Enrique Barón González: quality technician of AQUIB's Internationalization Area. Secretary.

    The Regulations of the Advisory Commission are available in Spanish and Catalan.

    Agreements of the Advisory Commission

  • Criteria Commission

    On 26th May of 2023, the Board of Directors of AQUIB constituted the Agency's Criteria Commission. Its main function is to review and approve the evaluation criteria and guidelines for the Agency's programmes.

    The Director, having heard the Advisory Commission, appointed the members of the Criteria Commission on 3rd July 2023 (appointment of the Criteria Commission). This Commission will be formally constituted on its constitutive meeeting.

    The Criteria Commission consists of:

    1. PhD Barbara Scandroglio: senior lecturer of the Social Psychology and Methodology Department of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
    2. Mrs. Clara Isabel Urbán Martín: student in Sociology at Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia and the degree of Teacher in Primary Education at Universidad Camilo José Cela.
    3. PhD Eva Fernández de Labastida Amurrio: internationalization and projects manager in UNIBASQ.
    4. PhD Javier Pérez Guerra: coordinator of the PhD program in English Studies at University of Vigo.
    5. PhD Jordi Suriñach Caralt: professor of Applied Economics at Universitat de Barcelona.
    6. PhD Laureano González Vega: professor of Mathematics at Universidad de Cantabria.
    7. PhD Rosa María Martínez Espinosa: professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Universidad de Alicante.
    8. One person from AQUIB who will act as the secretary of the Commission.

    Regulations of the Criteria Commission (will be approved in the constitutive meeting)

    Agreements of the Criteria Commission

  • Evaluation Commissions
  • Guarantees Commission

    The Board of Directors of the Balearic Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, on May 26, 2023, creates the Agency’s Guarantee Commission.

    The Technical Director, once the Advisory Committee has been heard, appoints the members of the Guarantee Commission (Guarantee Commission appointment). This Commission will be formally constituted at its first meeting, the date of which is still pending.

    The Guarantees Commission consists of:

    1. María Luisa Blanco Sánchez. PhD student in Legal and Political Sciences at Universidad Pablo de Olavide.
    2. Sergio Oreni Gordillo. Company Counsel en Elsevier Ltd. (Oxford, UK).
    3. Concepción Serrano Alcaide. Head of Verification and Modification of Official Studies. Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d.
    4. Patricia Valcárcel Fernández. Professor of Administrative Law at Universidade de Vigo.
    5. Enrique Barón González. AQUIB. Secretary.

    Regulations of the Guarantees Commission (will be approved at its first meeting)

    Reports of the Guarantees Commission

AQUIB's statutes (Spanish, Catalan)

The Agency's Strategic Plan was approved by Board of Directors during the session held on December 19th, 2022. It details the Agency's strategic lines, as well as the objectives and specific actions set for the period 2023-2025.

AQUIB Strategic Plan 2023-2025 (Spanish ; Catalan)

  1. Organic Law 2/2023, of March 22, of the University System.
  2. Organic Law 4/2007, of April 12, 2007, amending Organic Law 6/2001, of December 21, 2001, of Universities.
  3. Organic Law 6/2001, of December 21, 2001, of Universities.
  4. Law 6/2023 of March 6, 2023, which in the second final regulation modifies the article nº20 of the Law 2/2003 of March 20.
  5. Law 2/2003 of March 20, 2003, of the institutional organization of the Balearic Islands university system.
  6. Agreement of the Board of Directors of April 22, 2005, approving the modification of the statutes of the Balearic Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.
  7. Agreement of the Board of Directos of December 13, 2002, approving the creation of the Balearic Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education and its statutes.

Documentation available in spanish and catalan (see the catalan section)

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